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February 4, 2020

A note from Karl Lowe of WGI

Now- I have some questions for each and every one of you. Answer them if you dare!

·         Is your group visually striking before they start?

·         Can your performers capture and hold the audience’s attention?

·         Would a stranger define your group’s performance by its strengths or vulnerabilities? (Today, not April.)

·         Do you use the same space as a default mode for major focus moments? …Same visual weight in open forms (interval/distance)?

·         Do you have a moment where you use motion as an effect?

·         Do you use motion to show off your choreographic skills? …Or are you just decorating transitions?

·         How much time do you spend in common default carry positions? (bar-hold/right shoulder/side carry/tuck/right arm extended…etc.)

·         Do you fill equipment moments and transition moments with default movement choices? Do you dedicate as much energy finding movement options during non-movement moments? …Be honest!

·         Do you show any invention in your (eq & mvt) choreography? Do you have a moment of unexpected choice?

·         Can any other color guard instructor see how your premise informs the:

  • 1.    Choreography
  • 2.    Graphic aspects of your show (floor/flags/set pieces).
  • 3.    Spatial choices
  • 4.    Sound choices

·         Do you create an equipment impact that does not involve a toss? Can you? Is that all you got? …Is it just on flag?

·         How much time do you spend walking/marching/running into position for a hold?

·         Have you choreographed any equipment changes that happen on the front?

·         Can you point to a moment in your show that is an overt “bullet-proof” achievement, 99% of the time? …What percentage of the performers are involved in that moment?

·         Is there an easy proof in your choreography that shows a contrast in dynamic efforts (Speed? Plane? Weight? Flow?) Show dramatic shifts in qualities! Prove you are able!

·         Do your spatial developments have as strong a voice as your choreographic choices? Can you choreograph the space with the same commitment as you choreograph the steps and spins?

·         If your performers were in equipment warm-up with the other performers in their class, would you be able to pick them out? Can you identify and articulate a stylistic difference beyond the skills themselves? (Just “stuff” is not enough!)

·         Do you show proof that you can craft meaningful rifle and sabre phrases? …Really?

·         Do you show a moment of proof that you can coordinate parts?

·         What do you do that is worth stealing?

January 6, 2020

TECA would like to announce for the 2020 Season:

Our Printing Partnership with FLASH Visual Media

December 18, 2019

Important information from WGI regarding prop safety.  

WGI Prop Safety Video

January 20, 2019

TECA 2020 Contest Recaps/Promotions

Medina Valley Colorguard
Weslaco East Colorguard
Harlandale Colorguard

Harlandale Percussion
Hidalgo Colorguard
Hidalgo Percussion
Harlandale 2 Colorguard
Harlandale 2 Percussion
Mission Colorguard 
Mission Percussion 
Harlan Colorguard
Harlan Percussion
Edinburg Colorguard
Edinburg Percussion

Congratulations to the Following Units For Their Promotions:

Week 1

Harlan HS JV to Scholastic Regional AA
Burbank HS to Scholastic Regional AA
Tivy HS to Scholastic Regional AA
Jourdanton HS to Scholastic Regional AA
Karnes City HS to Scholastic Regional AA
Southwest HS to Scholastic Regional A
Earl Warren HS JV to Scholastic Regional A
Del Rio HS to Scholastic Regional A

Week 2

Rivera HS to Scholastic Regional A
Porter HS JV to Scholastic Regional A
Harlingen South HS to Scholastic Regional AA
PSJA North HS to Scholastic Regional AA
Edcouch Elsa HS to Scholastic AA
Weslaco HS to Scholastic Regional A
Harlingen HS to Scholastic Regional A
Santa Rosa to Scholastic Regional A
PSJA Southwest HS to Scholastic AA
Sharyland HS to Scholastic AA
Porter HS to Scholastic AA
Edinburg HS to Scholastic A

October 20, 2016


Q. Where can I find the contest information packet, schedule, or critique schedules?

Check out the Schedule for contest packets and attendance. Critique schedules and last minute adjustments will be posted to the homepage.

Q. Where can I update my Spiel Sheet?

Visit the Registration page and edit your unit. We pull spiel sheet data on the morning of each contest, so any changes you make will be announced at your next performance. (Pronunciation guides for tough names are awesome! Also we may edit the content for clarity and length, at the announcer's discretion.)

Q. Where can I view the circuit by-laws, contest rules, and timing requirements for my classification?

These and more can all be found at the Forms page.

Q. Where can I find judges recap sheets, panels, or the full WGI rulebook for each classification?

Head to the Judges area. You'll need to log in first.

Q. Can I advertise my services, or sell gently used items?

Advertisements may be placed on the Classifieds page. To place an ad, please contact TECA Webmaster Nathan Flynt.

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April 4

CANCELED - Mission HS, Mission, TX

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